Who Owns What

A great ressource for freaks like me who like to follow media mergers, company swaps, synergy plays and all that. The Columbia Journalism Review maintains a great list of who owns what, not only in media but also in entertainment and some technology. Useful as a reference but also just to browse through, see which big players control what we see and hear.

A few especially interesting to me: Vulcan Northwest Inc., owned by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, a large tech portfolio including a few big names and some “fanboy” sports properties.

Disney is huge, everyone knows that but I didn’t realise they had so many radio stations and had no idea they published so many magazines (makes sense, just didn’t realise).

And finally Vivendi Universal which I like to keep an eye on, mostly because of it’s link with Seagram’s, a former Montral company and Bronfman owned back then.