Canada Worse than 3rd World Countries when it comes to Mobile Data Access

I’ve mentioned this time and again in the last year or two, some people wholeheartedly agree while others have no clue and I have no compilation of numbers to give them to prove the point. Now I do.

Thomas Purves did the research and shows a telling price comparison between mobile data plans. Canada is beyond suckage. Way beyond. $1600 for what costs $69 in the US, sickening. No offense to Ruwandans but any metric for which we are behind them (except maybe temperature) is insulting. I mean come on, they’ve got war and famine and poverty and shit and we can’t follow the pace in fucking cellphone plans??

If you live in Canada, write to your MP. The CRTC, as an institution, needs to be taken out and shot.*

In.frickin.deed. Not only does it hurt innovation and competitivity in an important technology, it’s also a very telling indicator of what the same morons want to do with internet service. Those guys need to be stopped.