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I linked to this before but now there’s a video of the Delicious Monster guys working from a cafe all day. Fun idea and I certainly do quite a bit of that by myself but I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be with being there pretty much full time and in a group of 5-6. The management seems to like it but still, isn’t it a bit taking advantage of the place?


Oblivia February 16, 2005

This is hilarious. You know what I love about this? The fact that you can go to the bathroom without having to pack up your laptop.

As far as ‘taking advantage’ – they’re paying ‘rent’ on the space as we all do by purchasing the products of the cafe. Why else would I pay $4 for a coffee as I did yesterday at Au Deux Maries for the privilege of drinking the same coffee I have at home and purchase at the rate of $15 per 500g? After an hour or so, the rent ‘expired’ and they handed me notice in the form of my bill.

These kids also make an intangible contribution of creating ‘buzz’ in the cafe. Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd, as they say. How many times have you walked into a restaurant and left because there was no one eating there?

They’re working on a proprietary product no? How would you feel about spouting stuff that while probably not going to eviscerate any competitive advantage is still not something you want people to be listening in on…..

Oblivia February 16, 2005

OMG. Sorry about all the ‘quotation marks’. It sounds really ‘bratty’. I guess this is why you mandated the preview.

Patrick February 16, 2005

I know that’s the usual way to think about it but a coffee every couple of hours, even if it’s expensive doesn’t seem like that much. And if you buy more well then you’re just mad ;)

Should’nt you use double quotes? :-p (The mandatory preview is actually an anti-spam measure)

Oblivia February 17, 2005

Its not that much but it becomes a lot when you multiply for turnover. What makes this one slightly different is that they’re able to do what they do because of the wi-fi. Guess it begs the question of what a public space is, really.

Have to admit the double quote question drove me to the unusual measure of consulting a book (you remember: words fixed to paper, bound between covers, hard or soft) called, “Mind the Stop: A Brief Guide to Punctuation.”

It says, “There is no technical distinction between single and double inverted commas.” Although, I have a feeling the book is a little outdated.

mtl3p February 24, 2005

Hey Pat, what do you think of the new trackback blog for Laika? If you think it’s “good” you are probably the person to let the other bloggers know. If it’s not gonna work, let me know why when you get the chance. cheers

Patrick February 24, 2005

How about an email instead of an unrelated comment?

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