Buzzword festival

Yesterday I finally took time to play around with the Unix underbelly of OSX and did the following:

  • Fired up the Apache server.
  • Configured various access issues.
  • Installed BBEdit tools to use it instead of vi.
  • Turned on CGI – Perl, SSI and PHP support.
  • Installed MySQL with ODBC and JDBC drivers.
  • Installed Movable Type and PHPWiki.

    Except for a couple of issues with some Perl modules I seem to be missing, everything went without a hitch, no reboot, nothing hanging or exploding. Almost fun to do.

    During that time, Mark was having some problems with his MS box.

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amaruk August 4, 2003

Mac OS X is absolutely fantastic. It can go wherever you want it to go. Glad to hear you’re on X :)

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