A Kyopo in Korea

When they relaunched their Parole Citoyenne site and launched the Citizen Shift site, the NFB also started some blogs. Linda Lee for one took to it like gang busters and is blogging regularly while “touring” Korea.

A Kyopo in Korea… On my second trip to South Korea I will explore the rapidly changing country from the point of view of a kyopo, or overseas Korean. As someone who grew up without cousins, aunts or uncles, getting to know my extended family in “the land of the morning calm” will be a strange and exciting experience. Over the next few months, I will be documenting my travels in a place that is at once foreign and familiar to me. Amidst the urban bustle in Seoul and the serene mountainous landscape of this East Asian peninsula, I hope to discover more about my Korean heritage and a society in transformation. I invite you to experience the adventure with me by checking out my blog on a regular basis.

And by the way, I did the CSS and XHTML models for both the Parole and Citizen sites.