You HAVE GOT To Be Frickin’ Kidding ME (and other Oscar stuff)

[Adding things as I go]

Beyonce est en train de chanter en pseudo-français la chanson mise en nomination aux Oscars pour le film Les Choristes parce que tsé, on a pas assez de grandes chanteuses francophones, faut prendre une hiphopeuse des states. Non mais, y m’niaise tu là eux-autres?? C’était complètememt incompréhensible, elle aurait pu chanter en latin ou en pig latin que ca aurait pas fait moins de sens.

Complètement à l’opposé du class act Morgan Freeman qui a gagné le prix pour meilleur acteur de soutien.

Ah! Pi la couleur peut-tu être plus à chier?!? Rene Zellwegger et la plupart des femmes ont l’air “blanc fluorescent”, c’est épouvantable.

Glad Cate Blanchett won. She’s always great and plays such different characters. Plus she’s hot. And she’s an aussie.

I’m liking the big floor screen, and the idea of having some nominees on stage is pretty cool.

The singer from the Counting Crows just made it to number one on the all time worse aircut charts. Holy shit! He looks like hell.

W00t!! Un film de l’ONF, Ryan, viens de se faire un Oscar. :-D

Leo is so proud to be sleeping with Gisele Bundchen he makes her wear the sheets.

Zihi Zhang is hot. So is Natalie Portman. Yeah, yeah, they’re both too young. Sue me.

Fucking Beyonce! AGAIN!!

Annette Benning is very hot and classy and talented. There, balances out the age thing.

Jude Law is great. Glad Madonna’s ex stood up for him, even if he did look like an ass doing it.

I don’t like Hillary Swank but she gives good speeches (too long, but good). And have you ever seen a dress that looks so hot from behind and like such utter shiite from the front? She was the Karate Kid and she just won a second Oscar!! Huh.

Glad to see Gwyneth but wasn’t she supposed to be out of the movie business since having Coldplay’s Apple? (her spanish seems pretty good though)

Yess!!! Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind wins for best screenplay written for the screen. Sweet. Charlie Kaufman was even there and went on stage. Kate Winslet is gorgeous and she looks like such a fun/natural person when she yells at her friends at these things.

Sorry girls, seems like the hot latin guys weren’t there. No Javier Bardem, no Gael Ceglowsky.


Man is the best actor category strong! Jamie Foxx wins. Whodathunkit a couple of years ago? Hate the tattoo behind the head dude. Cool speech. Loved the “can’t wait to go to sleep” part.

Is it just me or are they showing Johnny Depp before every award?

Haven’t seen it so I don’t know if Million Dollar Baby deserves all those trophies but since Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman and probably Hillary Swank can all kick my ass I’ll say I’m happy with it. What’s with the voice of that producer?

Chris Rock was pretty good. ‘night.

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