Yann Martel

When I started this blog I thought I’d write short book reviews, I quickly found that although I can talk about books for hours I suck at writing down my opinion about them so I’ve pretty much let it go. Too bad because I wish I could write something that reflects how much I loved Self by Yann Martel. When he won the Booker prize I looked at Life of Pi a few times, considered buying it but the subject just didnt interest me all that much. Since he lives in Montral I did want to read something by him and The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios caught my eye although I read it in french, the only version I found at the time (nothing against french, I just like reading the original versions). I loved that one too, or first which is why I bought Self. Now the very next time I’m in a bookstore, I’ll be getting Life of Pi, still not interested in the subject but I just have to read more.

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