Two weird stats yesterday. First, biggest day ever in terms of hits, almost 40% more than any other day. Ever. No new referrer to explain it either, no big post that could have generated some kind of buzz, nothing. I didnt even post anything yesterday! Just loads more people. Weird.

Second, this post of mine is number one on Google for people looking for satellite pictures of the blackout. Huh?? And no, that’s not where the trafic comes from, those show up in the referrers.

Completely retentive and uninteresting to others but hey, I had to share anyway.


@ August 26, 2003

FYI: search for “ISAT GeoStar 45” turns out
which links to your site.
which is how i found it anyway.

Patrick August 26, 2003

Interesting, it didn’t show up in the referrers, I wonder why. Thanks for the tip.

@ August 27, 2003

Firewalls (Norton for instance, allows to block referrer and browser info)

@ August 27, 2003

(i mean it’s a possible cause)

Paul Becker August 28, 2003

The “ISAT GeoStar 45” photo is a hoax.

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