Copycat ads again

Couple of months ago: Guy walks around, getting to work, half the people he sees on the way and at work are wearing a neck brace. Flash back to all of them whipping their head up and down at a concert, explaining the neck braces. Ad for Molson Rock Show series or something.

A few weeks ago: Dumb looking chick with eye patch, dumb looking guy with eye patch, chick with eye patch, chick with eye patch, chick again, guy again. Switch to party scene, hot dumb looking chick leans towards her bloody Mary and pokes her eye out, explaining the eye patch. Ad for V8 or something.

First time tonight (for me anyway): Guy at the office has huge bump on his forehead, women close buy has huge bump on her head, other guy, othe woman, other guy, other guy. Switch to parking basement scene, guy’s attention is drawn to a “luxurious” car. Leans towards it, admires it for a while backs away slowly, looks quickly at his watch, realizes he’s late, whips around and knocks his head on a low hanging pipe, explaining the bumps. Ad for Hyundai I think.

See a pattern here? Except for the fact I often forget which product ads are for?

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