Still A Piece Of Shit

A couple of months ago I said I hated Internet Explorer which ended up being one of my most linked to entries ever even though the content was pretty simple (!). Over the holidays I stayed at my mom’s place for a few days and used the opportunity of having my iBook next to a PC to do some debugging, I spent half a day on little bugs on this site, my portfolio, Yulblog and a client’s site. I had to drop a couple of little features because it was just impossible to have them work properly in Xplorer. It’s a month later but I can take some confort in reading that one of the zen masters of css has had some similar experiences recently. It’s insane. Insane I tell ya that a company can have revenues of 10 billions for one quarter, profits of 2 billions in the same period and yet not have the will to / put the ressources in making a solid standards compliant browser. Insane and infuriating.