Time Tracking

I’m looking for good time tracking software running on OS X. I’m currently considering iWork, Timetracker Pro and Studiometry. This last one has the inside track so far, it does pretty much everything a freelancer would need… but it’s 70$ US. Certainly not all that expensive but most of the software I’m using is either free or a few bucks so I’m holding off purchase until I’m sure there isn’t an open source or freeware alternative. So, anything to suggest?


Karl Dubost August 8, 2004

If you describe the list of features you need, and I mean you really need, not the cool (gadget) things.

Do a list. :)

Patrick August 8, 2004

I don’t really have a detailed list, only a few ideas.

1. Define projects and clients.
2. “Punch in” with simple clock system when starting work on a project.
3. Reports of the time punched in.

That’s the basic thing. I looked at Studiometry quite a bit today and it also includes some features I’m finding interesting:

1. Creates invoices from the time entered and lets you follow up with was has been paid or not, even accepts material spendings and discoutns as items to be followed up on in invoices.
2. Todo lists
3. Syncs with iCal and Address Book

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