Looks awful

Brent talks about wikis being ugly and then picks on Jakob Nielsen. I’ve never looked into wikis in any details so I dont really have an opinion although the few I have seen werent much to look at.

I have looked at Mr. Usability’s site and ideas though and I have to say I agree 100% with Brent, I dont care how many sound theories he backs up is design with, it looks like crap and the links and sections might be easily found and separated but are not pleasant to read.

Yeah yeah, I know, my site is super dark and not that easy to read but I right posts of 3-4 paragraphs at most, not 10 page articles, to me the look can overshadow the usability for short reads (far from ideal, but acceptable). For anything longer and which requires more concentration it should be legible and splitting and making stuff stand out like Nielsen does doesnt do it for me. White space, smooth matching color themes, resonable column widths, that helps me read.