The Glance

Enjoying the Les Blogs 2 conference here in Paris. The number one thing I’ve noticed? “The Glance”, when people take a quick look at your badge, notice they don’t have any idea who you are and just keep walking. I think I might be insulted if not for the fact I don’t know most of them either and do the same thing.

Kind of weird though, normally if you are looking for someone to talk to you’ll have a look and go for someone you find interesting. In a setting like what we have here, that look is almost completely restricted to a 2.5 by 4.5 inch plastic square.

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Leila Boujnane December 5, 2005

or you actually simply start the day by scannong for country of origin and you quickly get to meet all the Canadians! eh he! Was good meeting you at lunch. See you around. Hope you enjoy the conference!

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