Well well, seems Coke’s Dasani water is just filtered tap water. You can’t tell me you’re all that surprised, it’s from Coke after all, they certainly weren’t going to get it from a mountain in the Rockies or something.


blork March 2, 2004

All you have to do is read the label. Here in Canada, where water is (for now at least) abundant, most bottled water is spring water. But in a lot of other places — such as south-western USA, locally-produced bottled water is “filtered water.” Says so right on the bottle.

aj March 3, 2004

And your local taxes, which go towards purifying that tap water to begin with, end up subsidizing a global megacorporation. Tap water is, for the most part, absolutely fine to drink anywhere in North America (rotting lead pipe tenements excepted). The rush to drink branded, bottled water is the product of a few hyped stories of tragedy (like Walkerton)…wait till they start installing water meters, you’ll start drinking more to get your money’s worth!

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