SXSW Coverage

For 3 years I’ve been considering going to SXSW but every year something comes up, 2 years ago the job kept me too busy, last year I was on my way to freelancing so I was piling as much money as I could. This year the freelance thing picked up a month before the conference and I just couldn’t drop off for 4 days. But there’s usually loads and loads of good coverage on a great many blogs so although it’s not the same thing, I felt I was going to know quite a bit about the whole thing.

Not so. I’m hoping it’s mostly because people are there now and haven’t had time to write more but so far it’s a lot of “I met him and him and her and him and had dinner with them and drinks with these others”. Maybe once they get back home they’ll be writing more but at this point the whole live blogging thing is proving worthless, which it wasn’t always. Weird. Gimme some content people!