Panther Battery Problem?

I’ve done a quick search and haven’t found anything yet so I’m using the ‘ole blog grapevine to try and find an answer.

I installed Panther on my iBook this weekend, looks great, everything works fine, no problem at all…. except for this afternoon. It was the first time I was using it unplugged since the upgrade and instead of getting the battery icon in the toolbar I’m getting a battery with an X on it and the little sliding menu underneath says “No batteries available”. The battery is there since I worked 3.5 hours on it but even when I replugged it I still get that icon, the connector stays green as if the battery is charged but as soon as I unplug it shutsdown because the battery is empty. Since it happened suddenly and closely follows the Panther upgrade I’m guessing it’s related. Anyone have an idea and/or link to some info?


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