Panther Battery Problem?

I’ve done a quick search and haven’t found anything yet so I’m using the ‘ole blog grapevine to try and find an answer.

I installed Panther on my iBook this weekend, looks great, everything works fine, no problem at all…. except for this afternoon. It was the first time I was using it unplugged since the upgrade and instead of getting the battery icon in the toolbar I’m getting a battery with an X on it and the little sliding menu underneath says “No batteries available”. The battery is there since I worked 3.5 hours on it but even when I replugged it I still get that icon, the connector stays green as if the battery is charged but as soon as I unplug it shutsdown because the battery is empty. Since it happened suddenly and closely follows the Panther upgrade I’m guessing it’s related. Anyone have an idea and/or link to some info?



amaruk March 17, 2004

What version iBook?

Have you tried resetting the PMU?

Have you tried booting into Open Firmware (after the bootup during the chime, press and hold OPTION+COMMAND+O+F, type “reset-nvram” then type “reset-all”

Have you checked this:

Have you tried a known, good battery from a friend?

HTH, just off the top of my head. Let me know how it goes.

I’m starting to dig Pattern Recognition, btw :)

Patrick March 17, 2004

Thanks for the links :)

I’ve seen all of those a year ago when I had a (different) problem with the battery. I was looking for something specific to Panther but I guess it’s probably just random that it happened after the upg.

I tried your first suggestion this morning, didn’t work, I’ll try the firmware option tonight.

amaruk March 17, 2004

Good luck. I remember a friend frying his iBook battery, the capacity suddenly dropping to 30 mins of charge after a point upgrade…I forgot, to 10.2.8?
These random things happen, and they totally suck when they happen. I feel your pain.
Otherwise, as we both know, Macs rule.
Well, mostly.

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