SXSW 2007

Just registered for SXSW 2007 Interactive and it’s hard to get a good hotel damn it! Last year only a few of us wanted to go so I was trying to organise us in advance both to get what we wanted and to make sure everyone was “tied in” to going. This year so many people I know are saying they want to go that I just waited until I had the time and except for finding a potential roommate, I didn’t push anyone, including myself which now results in my prefered hotel being booked solid and my second choice left with only one room type. Crap. Anyway, just posting this so that, one, get in touch is you are are also going and two, get a move on with your reservations if you want to be close to the convention center.


julien November 5, 2006

pretty good possibility that this is a go. i’ll keep you updated.

Patrick November 5, 2006

Sweeeet. Bigger “team” than last year :)

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