Spielberg, Jackson Team For Tintin

Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are teaming up to direct and produce three back-to-back features based on Georges Remi’s beloved Belgian comic-strip hero Tintin for DreamWorks, Variety reported. The trilogy will be produced in full digital 3-D using performance capture technology. The two filmmakers will each direct at least one of the movies.—Spielberg, Jackson Team For Tintin

Humm. Not sure how I feel about this. “Full digital 3D”, will they keep the same look? Tintin’s very 2D. Make some kind of weird adaptation? How about Spielberg directing? Not so sure. How about Jackson? Did LoTR show he’s a master at translating to film or “simply” that he was a gigantic fan of the books? I’d love to see a good adaptation but I’m very skeptical it can be achieved. Then again, Sin City was superb and showed how a very distinctive look on paper can be taken to film so who knows, maybe they’ll blow our minds.