Spam Warnings

For some reason I seem to be going through a perfect storm of spam for the last few weeks. I’m getting 2-3 times the email spams I used to get and the #%$#& spam filter for my blog seems to be letting everything through.

I’m mentioning this because 1. If I take too long answering an email, send again (taking out the links if there were any) please. The filter I use almost never has false positives but I don’t have the courage anymore to go through the folder periodically, too much stuff in there so if your message falls in there, I wont find it.

2. If you keep seeing new comments indicated in the feed or even sometimes on the site and then seeing nothing new, it’s the deletion of comment spam that causes that so sorry but it will be fixed when I switch platforms again, in the next few weeks.


julien November 6, 2006

dude, GMAIL… it lets almost nothing through dude, i am constantly amazed by it.

Patrick November 6, 2006

Fuck Gmail. I’m perfectly happy with my spam filter, it’s the volume that makes it so I won’t be checking for errors anymore.

I don’t understand how you all can work with your email only online, I need to have access to emails from clients and such anytime, not just when I’m connected. Plus, a good old application still beats a web app.

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