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I sympathise with victims of Katrina, it’s very sad, horrible for some. Yup. All that. But, aren’t the US rich enough to take care of their own? Stop with all the giving to victims of Katrina stuff, this ain’t poor south east asia tsunami relief. If you feel a need to give (always a good thing), find a cause that really needs it like pretty much anything in Africa or Amnesty or anything having to do with kids. The US can stop their military / satellite / stealth plane research whatever they spend billions on for a few days and take care of all the Katrina damage, some don’t have that luxury.

If you think I’m mixing things up, “citizens not the same as their government”, bla bla, then give for Katrina but match yourself and give to another cause at the same time. How’s that?

[Update] Darren is thinking along the same lines.

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