Moron Quote Of The Day

I’ve never really liked Max Mosley, and I certainly haven’t liked a lot of his decision but I didn’t realise he was a complete moron. The FIA have done some fan questioning.

FIA president Max Mosley announced the partnership after a recent survey of fans showed 94% wanted more overtaking.

And Maxxy boy comes up with this beauty:

We didn’t realise how important (passing) was to the fans until recently.

You didn’t?? What The FOwk did you think we were watching racing for? Jeezus. Sharp, real sharp. W your middle name by any chance?

Result of that questioning? “Well, you see, we gonna be usin’ that big thing the’ call a computah to see how we can make them pass each other”.


karl September 3, 2005

Overtaking c’est dépasser son concurrent ? En quoi l’ordinateur aide ?

I don’t understand very well. What’s the goal? Why is it becoming more interesting?

Patrick September 3, 2005

Overtaking = dépassement.

They want to simulate race conditions, especially aerodynamics, to figure out how to modify the cars so that it’s easier to pass.

One of the problems right now is that race cars, especially F1s, depend enormously on aerodynamic downforce to stay on the track but more importantly, to stay on the right spot of the track to position themselves from curve to curve and be quick around the whole circuit.

With all the air turbulence behind each car, caused by the complex “twisting” of air the body shape and spoilers generate it’s very hard to get proper downforce when running close behind another car, making it hard and, on a lot of circuits, impossible to get close enough to overtake.

They want to simulate those condition with a “large computer” – I’m guessing something similar to those used for weather patterns- and figure out how they can modify the aerodynamics of the cars so that turbulence spot isn’t as bad. I’m guessing because, except for the quote I found moronic, there is precious little detail about the tests. The rest looks more like a press release to name drop AMD as a partner.

In F1 just a few tweaks to body shape or spoiler angles make for pretty important differences in lap times and even though some cars dominate the differences globally are pretty small so if, for example, you lose 10% of downforce running “overtaking close” to another car, that means your car needs to be roughly 10% quicker to compensate which is a huge margin. If the car is quick enough to match that deficit then driver talent, tire “freshness”, late breaking, etc. come into play but these days aero is a huge difference maker.

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