Some good redesigns in the last few weeks:

Dave Shea of ZenGarden fame redesigned the Mozilla project page and gives some details on the process. I like it. A bit too simple although I think what really bugs me is the logo in the white box and the header with very little content but he adresses both in his notes and I think they’ll both be taken care off.

Two other sites, both from local bloggers have also changed looks. Cybercodeur and Mathieu Sylvain. Two very different styles and both very well done. I haven’t investigated the code yet but it looks like some pretty nifty stuff is being done behind the scenes of both. I might have to come up with something a bit more advanced than my current minimalist look ;). Bon travail les boys.


aj October 18, 2003

I redesigned my blog twice this week :) Well, more of a template tweak than a ground-up rewrite, but the first design, intended to be kind of, offended so many people’s visual cortices that I redid it into a nice mellow caramel-coffee look.

On the plus side, I did learn a bit of CSS, which is kind of good considering I’m “the web guy” at work…

Patrick October 18, 2003

Doh! I’d seen your redesign but forgot you when posting :(.

The mtv look was… interesting but I like the new coffee one much better.

Alex October 18, 2003

I thought that MTV look was hilarious. I didn’t mind the bleedind on Opera at all. It was just so ironic that it almost made me want to take it seriously. Nice new look anyway.

aj October 20, 2003

heh. thanks. It’s still a work in progress. I’d like to get past the ‘2-column, postings+links’ layout and maybe try something more complex, like a vertical photos column or something more magazine-like…I need more serious web hosting, though. Any suggestions for a good, reliable, local MTL company?

Patrick October 20, 2003

Nope, sorry. Mine is in california and last time I checked there were no equivalent locally for what I need (tech wise and price).

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