Microsoft and Yahoo?

Microsoft may aim for Yahoo! acquisition if that happens, that’s the day I close my Flickr account.


karl May 4, 2006


Do you think that Yahoo! and Google are any better than Microsoft? If you really believe this, you need to face some realities.

Patrick May 5, 2006

Because I don’t like them.

If you want to push the reasoning a bit further, although it’s not something I analysed when I posted my comment; it’s a company that has used cheating, scare tactics and even forms of blackmail to reach a position in business that hurt innovation in the market and slowed down our progress in that field. Oh, and most if not all of their products are crap.

Nothing to do with any kind of information usage/ access/ profiteering on my content like what you mention. (Not saying I disagree, just that it’s not why I said I’d leave Flickr)

karl May 5, 2006

Yahoo! has given the information about chinese dissidents to China authorities.

Google is complaining about the searchbox of MSN when… they are making a big lobbying at the same time for the google toolbar in Mozilla.

In My application the search engine which is by default is Google when you select a word, without possibility to change the search engine.

The only difference between Microsoft and Yahoo!/Google is that the second ones have not been yet enough time on the market that we can really see all the damages. Look at the patent office, and you will see patents for Google and Yahoo!. They are not better. They are exactly the same crap.

In the same way, Apple has been almost worse than Microsoft in terms of patents, protection, proprietary formats. The only difference? They have a small part of the market, so people don’t see them as a menace.

They are all cheating, they are all doing dirty business. The issue I raised in my posting is yet another one.


Yan May 5, 2006

They might all be cheating. But as of now only one of them is a convicted monopolist, fined multiple times in the U.S. and in Europe.

Now you choose if putting personal information in the hands of a convict is something you can live with.

karl May 6, 2006

The indignity is all the greater when you consider Yahoo!’s numbers: 165 million registered users, 345 million unique visitors a month, $49 billion market cap, and a 62 per­cent increase in revenue last quarter, bringing 2004 total revenue to $3.6 billion. Yahoo! makes more money and has more patents, services, and users than Google; it even has its own yodel.
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Yes, Yan, do the math.

Microsoft has been convicted for a specific point. Microsoft is a symbol, a target.

BTW, I’m not taking the defence of Microsoft. I just put them in the same bag.

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