Pownce a la Adactio

Jeremy has an interesting take on Pownce, using it primarily as a file and link exchange platform rather than a messaging one. I think it’s actually what Rose and co. had in mind but a lot of us (me included) immediately saw it as a Twitter with add ons. Using it with groups for work for example is only a slight twist on how to approach its use but it makes all the difference in placing in amongst the other messaging and networking apps everyone’s already using.


Martine July 3, 2007

Tu m’envoies une invitation?

hugh July 3, 2007

yeah. it ain’t twitter. i don’t know what it is yet tho.

Patrick July 5, 2007

m: je n’ai plus d’invitations, je t’en envoie une la prochaine fois qu’ils m’en donnent.

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