Powerbook Leads

As regular readers will already know, my iBook busted a kidney and doesn’t work properly anymore, I need to fix it and at the price they are charging for parts I’m considering a switch to something better, i.e. a Powerbook. I’d like to find a 12”, 867Mhz, combo drive model used or refurbished.

Now, since Apple people are both brilliant in their product design and moronic in some of their decisions, I can’t buy a refurb here because they sell them only through the US store who sells only to US clients so I guess my chances are more along the lines of finding a used one or a demo. The refurb is 1199$ US so I’m looking for a similar deal. Any ideas where in Canada I can find such a thing? I’m already monitoring Craig’s list Toronto and Vancouver editions as well as ebay.ca but no luck, there’s pretty much nothing on there and when there is it’s a flat out scam or almost the price of an out of the box PB. Ebay.com does have some decent deals but the sellers only ship to the US, yeah freetrade!

If you do have a solution (don’t say buy a PC) please comment or email me.