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Lately I’ve been thinking (yeah I do that sometimes), not deep concentrated thinking, more like the “it crossed my mind a few times and I wondered about it” type. The “it” here is the way we appreciate movies or not and what our criterias are. Just this week John said he didn’t like Underworld all that much, while I liked it (not impressed that much but liked) and Steph was lukewarm about Lost in Translation which I loved.

Now, obviously it’s everyone right and privilege to have their opinion on movies or anything else for that matter so this isn’t a “rebuff” on their feelings, just something I’m wondering about. One of the reasons John doesn’t like Underworld is that the vampires do some un-vampire like things, such as breathing. Agreed, I noticed that too but … vampires dont exist, it’s anyone’s prerogative to re-invent vampires and werewolves in any way they wish. Isn’t disliking a movie because vampires breathe (only part of the reason I know) kind of like saying Star Wars spaceships suck ass because Star Trek ships have teleporters? They are both invented!

Steph felt so-so about Lost in Translation because it didn’t push enough in it’s undestanding and de-stereotyping of Tokyo. I agree with everything she says but the movie is about these two people feeling lonely in their respective mariages and finding common ground together. Granted, Tokyo and japanese people are in large part sketched out and Coppola doesn’t dig very much but she’s just using that Tokyo as a background for the story, for which she doesn’t go further than what most people already know or think they know about the place.

Anyway, like I said, I’m not contradicting John or Steph and not saying their view of those movies is wrong, I’m just wondering how much of what we know does it make sense to bring to a movie? From all reports Gigli is a stink fest, everyone can agree on that so there are definetly criterias that everyone can agree on but when we don’t like movies because they don’t fit with what we know or think they could have been, are we missing out because we are seeing it through our own eyes too much or on the contrary is that something we should try to do even more because that’s the way movies make us think? Probably a mix of both but I’d like to know what you think.

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