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A very thorough and insightful text on what blogs are, written to explain what they are as opposed to what they are perceived to be in the recent media coverage.

I like the way it’s presented and agree with almost everything. Two small problems. One, the list of key benefits is presented as if all systems listed in the article offer all of those features. Not true, stats (8) arent offered in Movable Type (for one), RSS (5) isn’t available with Blogger. Those are just the ones that jumped at me, there might be others. Items 14 to 17 are mostly true but require some extensive customization, contradicting some of the points made in his summary.

Which is my second small problem. Yes, it is now easy to set up a content management system and you are mostly free from having a webmaster or knowing html (items 2 and 5 of the summary). But, if you want something more adapted to your need, if you want to have a properly installed platform to do everything he mentions you will need at least a basic knowledge of html and be able to understand and work with tags. Not that hard but definitly more complex than just writing posts.

Anyway, just thought I’d mentionned these details but I feel they are just a bit of over enthousiasm for the potential of blogging in what is otherwise one of the best blogging overviews I’ve read.

Unexpressed writing souls finally finding a channel to funnel their rants and ideas with no reference to communication strategy, marketing, networking. It was a natural, spontaneous and beautiful cultural phenomenon signalling finally the planetary “conversation” had indeed begun.

(Found through another good article: Universal Nature of Blog Organization)

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