Password Memory

Jason is talking about a number of “outboard devices” we use for memory, how things we used to have in mind are now in our little widgets. True. He also says:

I’m sure with all that storage space in my brain freed up for other things, I’m able to do so much more with my limited mental faculties. If only I could remember…

I know in my case I’ve been saying that all the passwords are taking up a lot of space. Bank password, other bank password, ATM, other ATM, email, other email, hosting account, OSX system, Ultimate league, Ultimate team site, Textpattern, client Textpattern, other one, Movable Type, other Movable Type, ftp, ftp, ftp, ssh, phone, voice mail, lock on laptop, lock on laptop at client’s, lock on locker outside, dotster, saje, gmail, google adsence, île sans fil, iTunes, Amazon,, flickr, paypal, iStockphoto, Backpack, another Backpack, timesheet for client, accounting software, Threadless, Veer, 43 Things, Photostack, client photo gallery … You get my drift.

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