On and Off

Most of what we do at some point gets “analogyied” to a game, some times you’re on “top of your game” some times not. This week was on most of the time. Played a couple of games of Ultimate, won both, and made more good plays than in pretty much all the rest of the season. Worked a good number of hours, including with a couple of other Yulbloggers where we kicked a decent sized amount of ass, delivering early even with a compressed timeline. Wrote a post of which a good friend said it was “instantly recognizable”, might I have an actual style? Whoah. Kicked my tired derrière to get myself to a party to meet friends I don’t see enough of, had fun. Then needed all of 6-7 minutes to forget the name of a cute woman who walked up and introduced herself and then mangled the conversation and looked a bore. Hum, can’t win ‘em all I guess.

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