Observer Effect Analog

I have a file with a bunch of things I mean to post about, it seems it got much longer than I thought so I’m deleting things, simply bookmarking to delicious, etc. I have this paragraph which I’d written some months ago and meant to expand on. Here it is… with no expansion, for my own archiving purposes.

Social web marketing/pr is analogous to an Observer Effect, as soon as you purposefully participate in a community or conversation and write for markerting or pr, it changes it. You can read about how it works, learn it’s component but after that you can’t do it on purpose, you just have to be authentic and interact with humans in a normal fashion. Anything done specifically with the purpose of getting something back —other than the communication with others— taints the act. The same could be said of writing a blog with ad revenu in mind, it breaks the honesty of the thing and changes it.