Obama’s Level of Discourse

He’s been doing it for months, even years now but I’m still very pleasantly surprised at the level of discourse Obama is bringing to the US. When’s the last time you saw a politian tackle such a complex issue as religion in such an even toned, clear eyed, sensical manner? When’s the last time you saw a politician tackling something like that without pandering to anyone, except maybe common sense?

(via The Brad)

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John Perkins July 31, 2008

This is very interesting. I had not seen it before, and am glad that I’ve stumbled upon it here.

Being an Atheist, it is a great thing for me to hear our politicians express how bad of an idea making this a “Christian Nation” is. He makes some very poignant comments here, but he’s still lost quite a bit of good will from me by voting yes to destroy the 4th Amendment. This works a little to gain some of that back.

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