Not Too Bad

For some reason, every year I get to the last few weeks of December, start looking at the best of lists and 12 month recaps and start thinking how time goes quickly and how I haven’t done all that much. Then I start looking back more thoroughly and once in a while I realise the year wasn’t that bad. Some of the good stuff that happened in 2005.

  • Started working under an actual incorporated structure, “all growed up”.
  • Did a bit of planning for and attended the 5th anniversary party for Yulblog.
  • Attended a conference here in Montreal, met some cool people and made some useful connections.
  • Launched (and recently closed) the Yulzine Duality project.
  • Went to Paris for fun.
  • Worked full time in June and most of July on one of the biggest Canadian site relaunches ever with some good friends. (Can’t link the project yet)
  • Spent a great week in Bar Harbour with good friends.
  • Got the last of the money from STA and it wasn’t a problem.
  • Redesigned this blog a couple of times.
  • Soft launched the new company site.
  • Attended a second conference, this one in Paris, Les Blogs 2.0, thx to m-c
  • Ended a year long safe and stable contract and found a number of new ones to replace it.

    Couple of things to fix in other areas for 2006, hopefully resulting in an even better list at the end.