Nirvana Bites

bq. Imagine you have a job interview and you last saw the person interviewing you clad in full leather gear, pierced, studded, masked and tattooed. This is what happens to Jen when she applies to become a BBC researcher and comes face to face with Stanley Highshore, top-ranking BBC executive and spouse of a Tory MP, also know as 'Stapled Stan'. But now Stan is beset by problems. The production suite has fallen foul of a bunch of eco-warriors and his secret sex life might not be secret for much longer. Stan enlists Jen as his private investigator/protector. It soon becomes clear that the local aquatic shop, Koi Korner, is a front for much a darker business. Comic, fast-paced, edgy and peopled with a fantastic cast of weirdos and misfits, NIRVANA BITES is a brilliant debut from a daring new talent.