NHL Might Be Back In Business

I don’t watch much hockey anymore so from a purely entertainment point of view, I don’t care a whole lot wether it starts up again. Knowing what hockey represented in the past for me and for others, the history of the thing, it’s disgusting to see the money grabbing and the cluelessness of those guys, destroying the sport. Just so the shameful process is out of our faces, it’s a good news that they seem to have a deal, after 301 days of negociations. Of course, it’s actually more like 30 days since they meet only once in a while. In between meetings they probably have drunken orgies or something. Morons.

Ever notice how Gary Bettman and Jean Todt have the same kind of face? Two little Napoleon complexed jerk offs playing large parts in rendering their respective sports boring as hell and disgusting the fans.