New(ish) Trailers

The new trailer for Hellboy is out and it looks pretty darn good. I knew who Hellboy was but just from glimpses, I’ve never read the comic books so I didn’t expect a team of characters or the look they seem to have given to the movie. Looking forward to it, especially because of the master of hugely made up characters, Ron Perlman.

The Day After Tomorrow is probably going to be completely impossible and wildly exagerate scientific fact but it should make for some good visuals.

Michael Caine makes has many bad choices as good, hopefully The Statement will be a good one, I love those church scheming movies, it’s kind of like the CIA ones, a glimpse of weird and evil things hidden from us.

And finally, the US release trailer for Les Invasions Barbares. I’m really really looking forward to seeing how this is received and what kind of success it has. I think I remember hearing that it will be subtitled and the fact we hear no one speaking in the preview would tend to support that.