New Café Expressions

I’m not sure how many people that might make a difference to but I’ll mention it anyway; the Brûlerie St-Denis café on Mont-Royal is changing chain affiliation and will now be a Café Expressions, the signs should be changed soon so if you set meetings there, business or otherwise, you might want to use the new name so your appointment actually makes it there.

Also, they’ve put up a sign saying the extension cord they setup for workers at the back won’t be available weekends. I like that, they ajust the available electricity with trafic instead of shutting it down completely because of two busier days.


Alexandre November 2, 2006

Brûlerie Saint-Denis was one of the original Plateau cafés to become a small chain. For several reasons, I tend to prefer these small chains of cafés than large “national” and international chains (e.g. Second Cup and Starbucks). Interestingly enough, café chains are somewhat diverse in Montreal from the long-standing Van Houtte to Café République, Café Dépôt, Java U, etc.
Depending on the location, the coffee itself can be quite good at Brûlerie Saint-Denis as well as at some of the other small café chains. Although, either quality decreased over the years or I’ve become too much of a coffee geek to appreciate much of it.
Among my favourites: ArtJava for a real coffee geek’s espresso; Terra Café for a good selection of green beans; Brûlerie aux quatre vents for a convenient source of green beans; Café Rico for roasted beans and feel-good fair-trade ambiance; Les Deux Marie for cool espresso-based drinks; Toi, moi, café for French Press coffee; Caffè Italia for latte; neighborhood Italian cafés for quick espresso; Café Dépôt at Complexe Desjardins (yes, seriously!) for allongé; Van Houtte by the Conservatoire (in Old Montreal) for drip coffee. And, my own place for Brikka and moka pot coffee.

sandrar September 10, 2009

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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