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The team at Code Kitchen are working on Cake Mail (which they’ll launch at BarCamp Canada I believe, or demo at least), a completely white label mailing list platform. Duncan has an interesting post about how they hope to leverage the product’s multilingual capabilities. This is something I’ve mentioned again and again in conversations at the various camps and a couple of times here on the blog; all Montréal webapp projects should be multilingual from the start and this should be one of our strengths. So far it doesn’t seem to be the case and I’m very disappointed, it’s not only a good distinctive feature, it’s also a nice security blanket. Being able to fall back (or address from day one) on other languages, other markets, provides a second chance if the app doesn’t take off in the US and unthought of opportunities in other countries. I know it’s a bigger load when building but I’m still surprised it’s overlooked.

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