More Realistic Blog Stats

Here’s a post about some blog readership statistics that fit much more closely what I’ve seen in the “real world”, i.e. not my circle of friends which includes too many bloggers to be realistic. According to that study, only 6% of internet users read blogs regularly and 50% know what a blog is. Also:

That means that almost 2/3 of blog readers don’t realize they are reading a blog. It is a fairly common theory amongst folks analyzing the blogosphere that blog readership is underreported in surveys – but Charlie’s team found a way to quantify that with staggering results.

Which is good. It could mean that we’ve gone from “having a home page” to “having a blog” to blogs becoming publishing tools that are used for a variety of sites before the majority of people even realized what blogs are. Their use could be widespread enough that we won’t be explaining what basic blogs are, just publishing content to the web using tools that happen to have evolved from blogs.

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