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Why is it that a city (and province) that invested in multimedia and e-commerce, a city that prides itself in being a high tech hotspot, a city that is home to so many software, aerospace and biotech companies, why is it that there are virtually no WiFi hotspots?

I know New York is huge compared to Montreal, but looking at the coverage over there, I think our “per capita” is nowhere near their league. And now today Verizon announces the activation of 150 hotspots with 850 more the come, using their pay phones as hubs and including it free with their DSL offering. A solution that Bell Canada is testing but hasnt gone live with yet.

What’s going on? There should be more than a couple of libraries and two or three cafes, shouldnt there?

Disclaimer: I dont have a subscription to any local newspaper anymore and I dont listen to that much local news either so I might have missed something, I doubt it, but I might have. If so, I’d be happy to be corrected. 

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