Microsoft Surface

MIcrosoft will be coming out—end of year, for business partners only—with Surface which looks to be like a fantastic platform. You’ll forgive me if I’m highly sceptical of when it ships and of how much of the demos will be shipped at that time but still, looks awesome. The next move is yours Steve, table/touch iMac at $2500 later this year? ;)

  1. Je me demande vraiment si ça sert à quelque chose… Je me questionne en loop. Bientôt, nous ne serons que des cerveaux dans un bocal. Bienvenue dans le monde de Philip K. Dick!

  2. As-is, it seems like a bit of a gimmick. It would be great for people like photo editors, but most people use computers to enter text and numbers, so a keyboard is necessary. Also, a heads-up display.

    Portability is also sort of important, wouldn’t you say? In other words, while this thing might be the first realistic attempt to create an interface like we saw in Minority Report, it’s destined only for specialized uses, not general purpose.

  3. True but I don’t think they’re offering that up as the new platform. I could certainly see some kind of new screen position, more like a digitizer, where yes you have a keyboard but you can maneuvre windows with the multitouch, resize and such.

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