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This morning I was listening to Mix96 and that guy who’s name I forget who’s always giving semi-funny semi-relevant short news bites about the entertainment industry was talking about reality shows. Two things I noticed; first, he said “this is so meta”, something you read often in the blogverse but I don’t think I’d ever heard it on radio or tv. Cool.

Second, he was talking about some sniping going on between the Gottis, who have their reality show and Paris Hilton who also does (don’t expect me to link to that crap). He was wondering who’s show it is when they both show up at the same place with their camera crews. Good question. Throw in an Osbourne and you’ve got an actual sound stage with no real people around!

As I was walking to the metro station, snickering at the idea I suddenly thought: “hey, that’s kind of like when a bunch of bloggers hang out together and all whip out their cameras and cameraphones!”. Then I realized; those reality shows are a form of moblogging for rich pseudostars. Eessh. I feel dirty.

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