Massive Suckage

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on some projects that had me installing new web apps and discover new versions of known ones. The thing that sticks to my mind the most? Massive, massive support suckage. Dreamhost, a web host I still entirely endorse for service and price packages is pretty lame when it comes to the knowledge base and forums. In the last year I’ve found answers to my questions probably 80% of the time… on Textdrive’s forum! (a competitor)

Movable Type is much, much worse. Virtually useless navigation through the site, ineffective search, incomplete documentation, broken links, you name it, they have it. Google and posts by MT bloggers provided the answers, not the company that makes it. How can you build web apps and on help pages mention solutions or further details and not link them?? Unbelievable.

Worst, they don’t offer language packs anymore. You can’t simply install MT and then switch language, you have to download (or buy for commercial use) it in one language and one language only. Used to be you could download as many packs as you needed. Too bad really, I was initially impressed with the 3.2 version and looking forward to trying things like Rightfields but it’s a lot of effort to get more complex things going.

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