IBMer Switch to OSX

Fun little post from this guy at IBM who is switching to a Powerbook because he doesn’t want to pay the Microsoft tax and because “I have some real work to do and would rather not be distracted by the whinings of a needy operating system that seems to come down with a cold every time I take it out into the world”.

Here here. I know I sound like a broken record but he’s completely right. Recently at a client’s it was much quicker and easier to connect my iBook on a network it doesn’t know and access various network drives than to configure my user on one of their own PCs to access the same drives! And no, it’s not because I know my Mac better, I sold PCs and networks for years before spending the last couple on a Mac. It’s really just that Windows sucks.

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Splurge September 6, 2004

Amen, my brother!!!
Spread the word of our savior Steve Jobs!

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