LXG, clips and books

I’m still skeptical concerning LXG but I have to say those four clips that just came out are starting to convince me. Of course, along with the two spots I think I might’ve already seen all there is to see, as sometime happens with those blockbusters. I’ll give it a chance though and I think Dorian Gray will be my favorite (if that’s who the guy in the grey suit is).

A few days ago catalogablog suggested (found via the shifted librarian) that the movie could be used by libraries to encourage people (kids in particular I guess) to read the classic books the LXG heroes are taken from. I think it’s a brilliant idea, bookstores could certainly set up display along those lines but I doubt they will unless the studio comes up with some kind of cross promotion (yeah right!). I for one have already looked up Oscar Wilde books and will probably read something of his, maybe starting with The Picture of Dorian Gray. I try to read more classics and I often use little connections like this to decide on which to read.