Berlin and Our Apartment

So a lot of my readers whom I know in person or through Twitter already know this but lets make it more “official” through the blog: April 1st through June 22nd we (not the royal we, myself and my lovely girlfriend) will be based in Berlin. We’ll be spending a lot of time there since we have rented an apartment Kreuzberg but we will also make side trips in a few places, Offf in Lisbon for one, most likely Copenhagen, Prague and… The rest remains to be seen.

If you will be in one of those places, have been and have tips, friends you think we’d enjoy meeting, events, conferences you’d recommend, restaurants which can’t be missed, secret bars and shops no one know about, etc. please email me, we’ll have time to see a bunch of things.

[Update on 18th: Booked] Lastly, although Berlin is somewhat inexpensive (for Europe), this is still a pricey couple of months so we are renting our Montréal apartment while we’re away. Here’s the ad on Craig’s List, please pass it along to those who might be interested. It’s on the Plateau (on de Lorimier, near Mont-Royal) so metro and buses are always close and we have a bunch of great cafés, bakers, restaurants close by as well as all the usefull stuff like grocery store, post office, pharmacy, hardware store, etc.

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Chris Car March 17, 2009

If you like to dance in Berlin, at an impressive venue, go there: – but don’t show up there before 2am since it’s mostly empty before. I know people who go there at 8am in the morning, after breakfast. ;-)

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