Linux vs Mac crap

John Gruber is on fire this week, this time with a detailed, clear and funny destruction of a Paul Boutin article in Slate. Linux and Macs aim for largely different markets (although there is some overlap), the rise of Linux hurts Microsoft first and foremost but I guess it’s more fun for Boutin to pit the two little guys against each other.


Boris Vinnik August 14, 2003

Oh! Please! Linux vs. Mac ! I’m pro. system administrator who has tried to adopt various Linux distributive to daily needs. Linux is raw, half working piece of crap and Mac (I bought my first and new Power Mac G4) is glorious, nice, piece of technology. It is the best UNIX I ever seen in my life.
Sorry for the dictionary but to compare Linux to OS X it is like compare penis to finger.

josh December 30, 2003

your insane… linux is great for sys admin purposes… sure mac osX incorporates the “unix” backbone but.. like i’ve always heard… those who don’t know unix are doomed to re-invent it…

Daniel September 19, 2008

Linux is NOT user friendly for the mass. Period!
let us not analyse why! We all know why? because it is crap! No FAQ done nicely on the Web, no support, nothing. No recognition of networks including simple dial up networking. So i hope it answers all your questions for you outthere. Linux will never be easy! Proof: linux exist since what, 10 years? so if it took then 10 years and they still have problems with the networks, yikes! It means that these guys are IDIOTS. Period!

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