Damn you Blork!

The book pile list in the sidebar isnt complete, it’s the list of novels I know I’ll get to but in my apartment there are many other books that I just hope to get to, technical, science, classics, etc. Probably at least twice as many as what I list here and of course every trip downtown or on St-Denis has to include a stop at Indigo or Renaud-Bray so the pile keeps getting bigger or at the very least is sustained through the years which means it’s always a fresh reminder of all there is to read and how I wish I read even more.

That’s why I had a big smile on my face when I saw that Blork posted his summer reading list and mentionned that he has about a hundred unread books in his pile. Ah ah! someone worse than me! Of course, being the sneaky blogger that he is he quickly got his revenge to my laughing at him by listing books I’ll have to add to my pile! Damn you Blork!


Mathieu Sylvain June 26, 2003

Je suis en train de lire “L’hygine de l’assassin” de AMlie Nothomb. C’est un tout petit, mais aussi un vrai bijous de dialogue.

Un “must” pour ta liste.

Patrick June 26, 2003

J’ai lu quelques Nothombs, j’ai bien aim mais comme beaucoup de livres en franais je les trouves pouvantablement dispendieux considrant le nombre de pages et la grosseur du texte donc je les achtes quand je tombe dessus en bonne condition usags. Je suis pas encore tomb sur celui-l.

blork June 26, 2003

Ha ha! Yes, I am evil! I also have an addiction to used book stores and “remainders” piles. Realistically, probably a third of the 100 on my shelf will never be read. Some are curiosities, some are references that I will probably never refer to.

I notice you have Arthur Phillips’ “Prague” on your list. It is on my “search for” list, although I am attempting a self-imposed moratorium on buying books. At least for a while. But that, and Ian McEwan’s “Atonement,” are not included in the moratorium!

Patrick June 26, 2003

I bought the Prague book not that long ago, it’s in stock at Indigo but it’s the softcover edition. I dont know if you always buy harcovers or if you were looking for those editions specifically for McEwan? I dont buy hardcovers anymore, too expensive and anyway I prefer the larger softcovers, the ones at around 20$ CA. Much better looking and pleasant to read than the pocketbooks.

Glad to see you accept your evilness ;)

blork June 26, 2003

I don’t buy hardcovers new — only in “remainders” or used. Most of my books are like the ones you like, larger soft covers, but I like hardcovers so sometimes I seek them out. Not necessary for Prague, but that’s my goal for Atonement.

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