I guess finally the rumors were true, seems the Apple Store will be selling something new today. Although it really sucks that they close down the Canadian store when we all know anything new will be US only. We still can’t buy fucking tv shows on our version, guess when the movies will be coming? 2008?

Everyone expects only Disney to have signed on but I’ve got a hunch it’s going to be more than that, might be HBO or a couple of smaller studios that add a few well known indyish titles but I don’t see Jobs going live with only “his own” (he’s the biggest stock holder) movies from Disney, he’s got to have something else.

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Carlos Amorusso September 12, 2006

How significant can it be if it only includes a tiny library of movies that could be had elsewhere anyway? Unless the catalogue increases to add some TV shows, newer movies from different studios and other exclusive goodies, I can’t see it having much future. Maybe by next year the service will be something more usable. Doesn’t look like it right now.

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