June Monkey

Ah ah! Finally a Monkey I can write about! Ed and Martine have been coming up with briliant subjects but not ones I have anything to say about. This one is about monkeys on your back, things you hate doing and/or don’t get around to doing. I’m so there.

Recurring monkeys:

  • Washing dishes. Need I say more? God I hate doing that. It’s not like it’s that long, or though, I just don’t like it. At all.
  • Paperwork. Taking care of bills, putting some order in old ones. Huh.
  • Paying my Visa account. It’s been years since I’ve needed to wait to pay up because I didn’t have the money and yet, something like every other month I pay late. Dumb.
  • email people. This one isn’t really my fault, I’m very good at keeping touch by email. Through the last few months though I’ve kind of lost touch with some friends I met traveling and I’ve been meaning to get that going again—even though it’s “their turn” ;)—but it’s been an item in my to do since spring.
  • Read more and cut more tv watching.

    Longer term monkeys:

  • Anotate my pictures. Since europe in ‘99 I’ve done at least one trip a year, taken loads of pictures and although they’re all in albums in order there’s nothing written on any of them. “Where the hell was that?”, “Who was that?”.
  • Start up Yulzine. It’s been 6 months for Pete’s sake!!
  • Start up Mediavore.
  • Learn Spanish. I was actually enrolled in a course 5 years ago in Sherbrooke. Got a call for an interview here in Montréal the same day as the first class, got the job 4 days later. Never went back.
  • I have a pile of non fiction books that keeps getting higher but I always stick with fiction and never get to them Shame on me.
  • Get “seriouser” about this whole freelance thing.

    This list is pretty similar to a todo list but Ed said “I suppose that’s one of the things that differentiates a monkey on your back from a simple to-do item—the sense that you might never get around to it!” and, sadly, I think they qualify.


Martine June 25, 2004

I have the same problem with non fiction books. Takes me forever to get to them.

While reading various monkeys this month, I’ve noticed that there’s many of us who would like to learn Spanish. We should get a private teacher!

Patrick June 25, 2004

Great idea! If it’s on the island ;)

Martine June 25, 2004

No problem! I’m city deprived these days!

blork June 27, 2004

You’re going to think I’m nuts, but I kinda like doing dishes.

And no, I’m not going to come over and do yours! ;-)

Patrick June 27, 2004

You’re right. I do think you’re nuts!!

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