June Monkey

Ah ah! Finally a Monkey I can write about! Ed and Martine have been coming up with briliant subjects but not ones I have anything to say about. This one is about monkeys on your back, things you hate doing and/or don’t get around to doing. I’m so there.

Recurring monkeys:

  • Washing dishes. Need I say more? God I hate doing that. It’s not like it’s that long, or though, I just don’t like it. At all.
  • Paperwork. Taking care of bills, putting some order in old ones. Huh.
  • Paying my Visa account. It’s been years since I’ve needed to wait to pay up because I didn’t have the money and yet, something like every other month I pay late. Dumb.
  • email people. This one isn’t really my fault, I’m very good at keeping touch by email. Through the last few months though I’ve kind of lost touch with some friends I met traveling and I’ve been meaning to get that going again—even though it’s “their turn” ;)—but it’s been an item in my to do since spring.
  • Read more and cut more tv watching.

    Longer term monkeys:

  • Anotate my pictures. Since europe in ‘99 I’ve done at least one trip a year, taken loads of pictures and although they’re all in albums in order there’s nothing written on any of them. “Where the hell was that?”, “Who was that?”.
  • Start up Yulzine. It’s been 6 months for Pete’s sake!!
  • Start up Mediavore.
  • Learn Spanish. I was actually enrolled in a course 5 years ago in Sherbrooke. Got a call for an interview here in Montréal the same day as the first class, got the job 4 days later. Never went back.
  • I have a pile of non fiction books that keeps getting higher but I always stick with fiction and never get to them Shame on me.
  • Get “seriouser” about this whole freelance thing.

    This list is pretty similar to a todo list but Ed said “I suppose that’s one of the things that differentiates a monkey on your back from a simple to-do item—the sense that you might never get around to it!” and, sadly, I think they qualify.

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