It’s Orange!!!!

As you can see, after more than a year I’ve finally redesigned this here blog. It’s a kind of retro-y thing and I like it. I’m sure a few won’t like the color scheme though, especially for reading long posts so you’ll see that just below the left navigation there is a “I don’t like orange!” link, just click that to activate a green theme that’s easier to read, it sets the theme in a cookie so if you come here with any kind of regularity, you shouldn’t have to set it again.

So, comments?

[Update] Forgot to say, for those who like such things, make the font bigger and see how the layout expands with the text. Even the borders size in proportion to the font size. It’s EMs all the way down baby!

(Still some crap to fix with the piece of shit that is IE 6, I’ll see when I can get to it. Upgrade for god’s sake)


  1. Are you sponsored by Orange Julep or Orangina and you are not telling us. Not sure this will last a long time… but good stunt by the way..

  2. I prefer the green, although I mostly read you via RSS.

    As for IE6… I recommend procrastination. How many people visiting your blog are still using that POS anyways?

  3. everything is nice except for the color. that’s the nicest way i can put it. :P

  4. I dig the new orange. And the new font/logo for i never knew. For some reason, this all looks like a vinyl LP dust jacket. I guess it’s partly that retro feel.

  5. Retro look, y’a pas à dire… je ne suis pas sûr que ca conviendrait à LFR cependant !

    Comme disent les Français, fallait oser!

  6. To be perfectly honest, it’s the first time I see something that painful to look at since ca. 1995. Sorry! The design itself is interesting, for those who care about such things. But the colour really doesn’t work for me.

  7. Maybe slap on a popup color palette and everyone can choose their favorite color?

    BTW, this here comment box retains the orangeness while being easier on the eyes.

  8. BTW, what font are you using for your body text? It looks just fine on M.’s Mac, but it looks like ass over on this here windas.

  9. Oh wait, I see it’s Helvetica. But I’ve got Helvetica. But maybe it’s some kind of ass Helvetica.

  10. Yes, Helvetica. It sometimes looks like ass on Windose but I’m not using Arial because Redmontians can’t render Helvetica properly ;)

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