It’s Orange!!!!

As you can see, after more than a year I’ve finally redesigned this here blog. It’s a kind of retro-y thing and I like it. I’m sure a few won’t like the color scheme though, especially for reading long posts so you’ll see that just below the left navigation there is a “I don’t like orange!” link, just click that to activate a green theme that’s easier to read, it sets the theme in a cookie so if you come here with any kind of regularity, you shouldn’t have to set it again.

So, comments?

[Update] Forgot to say, for those who like such things, make the font bigger and see how the layout expands with the text. Even the borders size in proportion to the font size. It’s EMs all the way down baby!

(Still some crap to fix with the piece of shit that is IE 6, I’ll see when I can get to it. Upgrade for god’s sake)

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